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QuMax-2000 (Quality Matrix 2000)


Inputs Video:
Analog NTSC or PAL
SDI (SMPTE 259M) 480i/59.94Hz
HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) 1080i/59.94Hz
BNC connection is standard, but can be modified with other types of connectors (e.g., consumer composite)

AES/EBU Digital
Up to 8 stereo audio channels for SDI/HD-SDI embedded
BNC Connection is standard
Monitoring Double Stimulus, video noise at slice level and audio noise more than 100 msec duration
Blackout, freeze, audio mute
Double Stimulus of 2 video/audio signals per module
Alarms Each probe can report individual alarms (Dsub-15 connectors)
or the entire unit can report alarms from the COM port. Ethernet RS422, RS232
Configurations Up to 12 Single Stimulus input probes. Alternatively, up to eight probes with four comparison modules to compare source video to copied/processed video. Any other combination.
Control PC or Macintosh-based control for configuration and monitoring of probe activity with GUI via Ethernet.
Power 100V - 240V (170W Max), 50Hz - 60Hz
Weight 44lbs, 20kg (fully loaded)
Dimensions W = 420mm, D = 500mm, H = 176mm, 4RU
Operating Temperature 10°C - 40° (50°F - 104°F)

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