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Analysis Software for Win

Powerful analyzing tool that works hand-in-hand with the VP21H, making it easy to evaluate data gathered by the VP21H as well as easy generation of graphs and charts for reports on video evaluation tests.

  • Quickly evaluate video sequences in a test environment
  • Evaluation of video sequences to see if they meet ITU-R video quality standards
  • Excellent tool for comparing the performance of different encoding/decoding scenarios or different equipment manufacturers
  • Better understanding of the essential data that is collected within the log files that are generated by the VP21H computer interface software
  • Generates informative and objective graphs that can be printed and included in a report

  • Plots common parameters such at field number, time code, DSCQS, Activity, YSNR, and CSNR
  • Graph multiple parameters at the same time from a single log file
  • Compare a single parameter for multiple log files on one graph
  • Superimposed bands of color corresponding to different video quality types based on ITU-R’s recommendations
  • Graphs can use different formats, such as line, bar graph, stacked, and averaged
  • Performs ITU-R tests on the video sequence to determine whether the video is contribution quality and primary distribution quality, or emission and secondary distribution quality, or neither
  • Explanations for reasons why (or why not) the video sequence passed the ITU-R tests

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