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Example of Video Graph

Data stored on the personal computer can easily be converted into an evaluation graph.
VP2000H and VP21S can perform video evaluation in real time, and can also store that evaluation data on the hard disk of a personal computer. The stored data can later be converted into graphs, using spreadsheet software, etc., for easy comparisons of large amounts of data. Shown below is a sample of a graph showing (simulated) encoder and decoder measurements for Company A, Company B, and Company C. The evaluated video used consists of a repeating five-second title (static image) and 15 seconds of evaluation footage.


The evaluation data has here been displayed in a bar graph.
An average is taken for each scene, for easy comparison.


The evaluation results are shown in a point-to-point graph.
VP2000H and VP21S catch quick-peaking data at the start or middle ranges of a scene. It picks up things that a subjective video evaluation (visual evaluation) would have missed. While the bar graph has a low DSCQS value and the reproduced image quality appears to be good, conversion to the point-to-point graph reveals unstable elements.

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